Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three-month Emergency Food Supply: How Do I Begin?

The hardest thing is to make yourself start. After that, it comes together quickly. Your kids and spouse can make this job easier for you. You might be surprised at the great menu ideas they'll have.
  • Put together a list of foods/meals that you eat regularly and figure out how much you need for three months. One way to do this is to decide on a week or more of menus and then multiply these menus to get 90 days of menus. [See “Sample Family Plans” below for three complete family plans. Please note the URLs of two wonderful preparedness blogs from which I pulled menu and shopping plans for two of these plans:  http://safelygatheredin.blogspot.com  and   http://preparedldsfamily.blogspot.com/ and thanks to Lesa for contributing the other plan.]
  • Use the Sample Family Plans to get ideas to make your own family plan. Choose the recipes you want, and list the ingredients. (If you need more ideas, do a Google search.) Then, multiply that ingredient list by the number of times you plan to eat that meal during three months.  How many different recipes you use is your choice  – are you after subsistence food or do you want to eat close to how you eat now if you had to use that food in an emergency situation? I recommend that you go as close to how you eat as possible. Don’t rely entirely on frozen foods, as power can fail.
  • Create a shopping list with all of the food items totaled from above.
  • Make a Family Goal Statement.  Decide how much food you will purchase each month and how long it will take your family to buy all the items for the 3-months’ supply.  
  • Paying attention to grocery sales, purchase a few extra items to add to your storage each week. Gradually build it to a one-week supply, then expand it to a one-month supply, then a three-month supply                
  • Rotate the food. Make an extra copy of your shopping list to use as  your tracking list and mark off items as you use them. As you use these  items from your 3-months’ supply, replace them on a weekly basis.
Sample: 3-Month Plan for a Family of Six  
(2 pages)

Sample: 3-Month Plan for a Family of Four  
(2 pages)

Sample: Lesa's 3-Month Plan for a Family of Four  
(2 pages)


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