Friday, July 18, 2008

What Me Worry? Prepare Instead

When I asked for comments from the sisters on what key areas interested them for SRS, the first answer was emergency preparedness. They asked, “What can I do when a disaster happens and the power goes out and it’s either 100 degrees in the summer or 10 degrees and freezing?” “How can I heat/cool my home... feed my children ... let alone anything else?” One sister asked if we’re all planning to go back to an early pioneer mind-set. If you start thinking of all the “What ifs”, you realize how much we desperately need more information. Thankfully, other minds have been working on these issues. Check Upcoming Events for two “Can’t-Miss” emergency preparedness meetings to be held locally in August. These are both well-known and sought-after speakers, and we get them nearly on our doorstep and for free. Is your head in the sand like mine has been? Mark your calendar and attend one or both of these meetings.

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